Posted in February 2013

Social Media and success in the Cosmetic Industry

            The total revenue of cosmetics industry in the United States alone is 53.70 billion dollars and seems to growing. What does this mean for companies, who now have to focus on multiple platforms to attract customers? Well according to Estee Lauder, it means putting more money into digital marketing … Continue reading

Frictionless Sharing

Since being introduced in 2012, the term “frictionless sharing” has become more common. Up until its introduction, Facebook users were able to choose whether or not they shared content such as music, articles, and other activity. Now this choice has been eliminated in a number of apps, causing the same information to be automatically shared. … Continue reading

Should Companies Jump on the Myspace Bandwagon?

Should Companies Jump on the Myspace Bandwagon?

Myspace, the social media burn out of the mid-2000’s, is making a comeback with the help of Justin Timberlake. While the entertainment-based social community site is geared towards entertainers, specifically musicians, many companies are dealing the question of whether to jump on the new platform. Social Media Examiner put together a good article on the … Continue reading

Bluefin Labs, now part of Twitter

Bluefin Labs, now part of Twitter

Bluefin Labs has been acquired by Twitter. The TV analytics company has been in the game since 2008, providing a way to measure ratings on TV and see how well branding for platforms has been. So what exactly does this mean for Twitter? A lot. This partnership is going to open a lot of new … Continue reading

Social Media Breathes New Life Into Branded Content

I was recently reading this article on Here The article speaks towards the outbreak of social media and how quickly it has become a vital role in advertising and marketing. With every new type of technology we come across there are always some positive and negative ways of using it. Most importantly this article speaks … Continue reading

Avoid Social Media Disasters in 2013

Chris Mayhew posted a wonderful short article titled “Avoid Social Media Disasters in 2013.” The reason I say it was wonderful is because it demonstrated real situations where a brand’s image was diminished due to it’s social media. As a big business, you are always in your customer’s eyes and social media puts you even … Continue reading

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J.C. Kendall addresses the elephant in the room in his article, What is your personal brand saying about you?  “Nobody buys anything of real value from a stranger.”   Why do employers have face to face interviews, rather  than just read your resume? Easy and obvious – they want to…

Originally posted on Steph Meyers:
One in three smartphone using Britons would give up sex rather than their mobile phone. If that doesn’t scream anti-social, then I don’t know what does. Stephen Dale is the author of Is Social Media Making Us Less Social?, an article that discusses the statistics of survey findings related to…

Stipple Introduces Interactive Images to Facebook

Stipple is a new service that allows users to create interactive hotspots on their images. This new service has recently allowed for publishing on social media sites such was Facebook. A recent article explains how Stipple works and how it can now be integrated with Facebook. There are multiple tags that you can include on the image … Continue reading