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How Valuable is a Social Media Audience, Really?

Link to the article Have you ever wondered how much does your social media audience value? I found an article talking about how valuable is a social media audience. Some people think its really worth it, some don’t. I don’t have my own opinions yet, but after reading the article, I’ve lead on to one side. … Continue reading

Social Business Stage – What everyone has to say.

Article/Blog We’ve discussed in class how having a social media presence is not always a good thing.  It’s better to not have a social media presence than to have one that is inactive or not credible.  The prevalence of blogs has increased among businesses and consumers.  Both contribute to the social branding of themselves.  Common … Continue reading

Branding Paradigm Shift

Branding Paradigm Shift

In my previous post I discussed the upcoming issue of FastCompany and their section on social media.  There are two other great articles this week that drive home one concept: traditional marketing does not work in social media; brand management needs to change. Brand management needs to become brand engagement.  To achieve this brands must … Continue reading